The America immigrant investor program EB-5 is US Immigration Service designed for work visa applications from business people with significant experience and capital who wish to relocate to USA. It is often referred to as an Investor Visa and is only available if you fit Immigration Office criteria. We will check you eligibility using our FREE assessment.

During the consultancy, we can help you to assess which business immigration option for relocation to USA is right for you.

The Vizacom doesn’t stop at providing your regular type of American visa. We offer guidance and a range of services to cover everything you will require before your move to USA from immigration lawyer expertise, detailed information on immigration processes and more.

Immigration visas of EB-5 made to attract people with economic skills and experience to immigrate to USA on a permanent basis in order to contribute to and further develop the economy.

The Vizacom service provides a route to permanent residence in USA and, unlike temporary visas for America designed for short term solutions such as visit visa (often known as a tourist visa), no restrictions are placed on this working visa upon the work that can be undertaken.

No specific job offer is required as is the case with a American work permit and successful applications for migration to USA will receive permanent resident status.

Five years following your immigration to USA, immigration services provide the opportunity for candidates to progress from permanent residency and apply for American citizenship.

You may also find our advice on USA Self Employed Visa to of benefit and help you build out choices.

In USA, business and investor visas applications make provision for spouse and dependent,  immigration, allowing your husband, wife, common-law partner to join you in USA. Unmarried dependent children under the age of 21 may also join you.

More detail information you can get on Immigration Office ( USCIS )

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