List of Projects

We offer you the List of Projects that support EB-5 program.

The Investor chooses the Business based on principles of economic, objective and specific personal experience.

  • · Transportation Facilities and Infrastructures;
  • · Warehouse and Cargo Terminals;
  • · Biotechnology and Related High Technology Manufacturing;
  • · Solar Panel Manufacturing;
  • · Office Buildings;
  • · Hotels;
  • · Film and Television Production;
  • · Renewable Energy Technologies;
  • · Health Care Facilities;
  • · Financial Services;
  • · Agricultural Activities;
  • · Restaurants;
  • · Hotels
  • · Manufacturing
  • · Retail Shopping Centers
  • · General Retail Offices
  • · Medical Offices
  • · Nursing Homes

Additional to the Projects:

Real Estate Construction,


Hospitality and Tourism,

Health Care Nursing and Assisted Living,

Medical Offices,Health Care Facilities,

Insurance Offices,

Retail Shopping Malls and Shopping Centers,

Office Complex and Office Buildings,

Commercial Office, Commercial/Industrial Developments,                Private/Public arrangements with Governmental Agencies;

Heavy Manufacturing, Light Manufacturing, Industrial/Warehouse Buildings and Development, Resort Industry,

Mixed use Real Estate,

Mixed-use Real Estate construction/reconstruction sector,

Mixed-use residential lease and rental properties sector, Biotechnology and Related High Technology Manufacturing,

Loans or Investments to businesses in Regional Center area.


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